Asset Transition

Clients with legacy Plans are time consuming and costly to service and often represent an unlocked revenue opportunity and a risk to the business. These legacy Plans may remain unaddressed in client banks because Firms lack the resources and systems needed to efficiently assess and transition them while managing current business activity.

The need for a solution is pressing on all fronts – avoiding TCF issues, improving operational efficiencies to enhance client service delivery, transforming client remuneration to an advice basis (especially where trail is low or under threat).

The SMART Transformation service provides the most complete and effective way for Advisory Firms to transform their review and transition processes and drive business value and growth.

Post RDR, Advisory Firms with winning business models provide their Clients with high quality, needs based financial planning and ensure their Clients investment portfolios are effectively tracked and rebalanced as required.

However, most Advisory Firms have on their books a significant volume of Clients with legacy Plans, that have accumulated over time, and that are disjointed, outmoded and / or are no longer fully aligned to the Client’s needs.

For many Firms reviewing the Plans of all their Clients is an unrealistic task, yet advisers increasingly face “lack of advice” as well as “bad advice” risks. The SMART Spot (opportunity discovery and validation) and Motivate (client engagement and qualification) modules help Firms to identify plans and transform much more of their client bank than other transition approaches yet still ensures that clients and policies progressed through to the more expensive individual cost comparison stage generally prove suitable and do transition. Firms can track the effectiveness of all target groups and engagement processes (using the management information provided throughout the process) so that investment in any target group and/or activity that is not converting as forecast can be quickly amended or stopped.

The SMART process is emphatically not a one size fits all service with a fixed price. The service has been designed to support each customer Firm’s specific transformation opportunities and resource requirements.

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