Build Client Database

Data Interface can build you a Client database from scratch using the data held By Product Providers for your agency codes. This will deliver an accurate and up to date database of your Clients, their Policies and their Funds if supplied.


Even if your Client database is in good shape this service can be a useful when acquiring Client databases where these records are not held in a structured electronic format. In other words we can build a database for an acquired book of business and then merge it into your Client database running a matching check to minimise the possibility of creating any duplicate clients.

Product Providers hold your clients’ Policy and Fund data electronically on their systems. We use this data to create a client database for you and can then transfer this into your chosen back office system.

This service can catapult Firms who are currently without consistently held, electronic Client records into a business with high quality, validated data that supports opportunity analysis, enables good decisions to be made on servicing the Client bank and facilitates the introduction of cost efficient operational processes.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.