Data Augmentation

As well as data improvement and cleansing, we can augment your data to give you greater understanding of your Clients. This greater knowledge of your Clients can help you to determine your service propositions and in running marketing campaigns.

Data augmentation can add demographic information to improve targeting and communications. It can also be used to gain contact information, such as e-mail and telephone details, which facilitates more immediate and cost effective client engagement campaigns. Finally, it has a role in validating existing information; for example “Gone Away & Deceased Screening” decreases the risk of upset and distress by inadvertently mailing Clients that have gone away or worse, are deceased.

We use various industry standard files to validate and augment the data you hold on your Clients.

Our core cleansing and augmentation services include:

  • Name & address validation
  • Gone away & deceased screening
  • Mover tracing
  • Telephone number & email appending
  • Customer profiling through appending demographic & lifestyle variables
  • Removal of duplicate records

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.