Data Fitness


How good is your data?

  • Want to know what’s in your database and how good/bad your data is?
  • Want to know how investing in improving your data will payback through helping you drive revenue growth and reduce client servicing costs?
  • Need to do Due Diligence on a prospective client bank?

Data Interface’s Data Fitness report helps you answer these questions and costs just £350 +VAT.

The Data Fitness Report.

Our Data Fitness report is generated from an analysis of your own data and so gives you the factual information required to determine what data improvement is appropriate and will be a profitable investment for your firm.

The process is simple. In engaging us, you give us permission to act as a data processor for you. We take a copy extract from your database, upload it to our secure web service and run the analysis to produce the Data Fitness report for you. We then review the report with you, address any questions arising and provide data improvement recommendations.

Our DataMatch data validation and improvement service is normally the most efficient way for IFA businesses to improve and validate Client data, but there is not a one size fits all solution to data quality issues. Each Client database is different and running a Data Fitness report helps you determine the likely benefits of investing in improving your data. Based on this analysis Data Interface can also provide guidance on how to best address your firm’s specific data concerns.

Our SMART Transfomation service includes a data improvement element in the Spot module as validated data is required to achieve high conversion levels. We run the Data Fitness report as part of our appraisal and engagement stage for prospective SMART customers.

If you would like to order or know more please contact us.